About Us

Our mission is to help anyone wishing to improve their English find the perfect tutor so they can achieve their learning goals

Our Company

With wealth of experience in English teaching, the team at Confident In English has put that invaluable know-how and passion into an exciting personalised way to learn English.

From day one, our philosophy has been to give every student the targeted, high-quality attention they need to excel. We have put that into practice by only ever employing qualified and experienced tutors, and ensuring that every child gets help in a focused way that not only improves their spoken English, but also gives them a deeper understanding of the English language and the many cultures of the English speaking counties around the world – helping students gain confidence, enjoy learning, develop self-discipline and become life-long speakers.

Technology and the power of the Internet has now allowed us to bring Confident In English to any student who needs help, wherever they are in the country or for that matter anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to make English lessons available to all students and not just the privileged few, giving them as wide a selection of tutors to choose from as possible at a price that is affordable for the majority of learners and their parents.

Why Study Us?


We conduct ID and reference checks on all our tutors so you can choose them with confidence.


We have many tutors who specialise in various aspects of English teaching, this ensures the best possible support for special learner needs.


We are always collecting feedback from our students to maintain our high standards and learner satisfaction.


There are no minimum or maximum limits on the number of hours you can book a tutor for.


Our site is secure, functional and easy to navigate. We have a professional development team focused on delivering the highest quality user experience.


We price our services competitively to make English lessons accessible to as many people as possible.

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To speak English like you’ve always dreamed, your learning must be carefully tailored to your needs.