How It Works

One-to-one online English Lessons for all levels

Teachers With Vision

Lessons to fit your schedule, from the comfort of home

Intuitive tuition from expert English teachers along with state-of-the-art technology gives you everything you need to get the most out of your language lessons – from the comfort of your own home.

Talk face-to-face

Pupils and teachers see each other via live video – great for building rapport

Share and collaborate

Upload written elements, and work through examples together on the whiteboard

Lesson playback

Lessons are recorded, so pupils can watch them later for revision

Developed with the help of our tutors and students, our interactive whiteboard is a great space for making notes, sharing ideas, and getting instant feedback from your tutor.

Experience collaborative working at its finest with our smooth screen-sharing feature.

Upload and share a variety of file types and annotate your documents together – in real-time.

A short, holistic path to successful English language learning

The key to real conversations

Learn how to navigate real, everyday situations by speaking English. With Confident In English, you'll only learn practical and useful skills that you can apply right away and quickly meet your goal of having real-world conversations.

A proven method

To ensure you are successful on your English learning journey, our teaching method is scientifically proven to naturally seal your knowledge. You’ll learn the English language, not just words.

The holistic approach

Hone your pronunciation using speech recognition, build your conversation skills with engaging, interactive dialogues, and get helpful grammar tips while you practise reading, writing, and listening.

A variety of learning activities

Feel immersed in the culture through engaging learning experiences that reinforce knowledge and help you retain what you've learnt. Maximise your learning success by mixing and matching activities such as interactive lessons, podcasts, games, and more.