The Case For Quality Preschool Education For Your Child

The Case For Quality Preschool Education For Your Child

The preschool years are fundamental for instilling intellectual curiosity and a love of learning in your child. Early childhood educators emphasize that young children should be given the right kind of education in the right environment. This helps to guarantee that their development begins on track. When the proper environment is created, it allows your child’s potential to naturally blossom.

Unfortunately, preschool learning is often either given very little thought, or given much thought but done the wrong way. If you’re one of the skeptics who thinks investing in preschool learning is a waste of money, the following post should help you reconsider your position:

How Investing In Preschool Beats The Stock Market, Hands Down

If you got 13 percent back on your investments every year, you’d be pretty happy, right? Remember, the S&P 500, historically, has averaged about 7 percent when adjusted for inflation.

What if the investment is in children, and the return on investment not only makes economic sense but results in richer, fuller, healthier lives for the entire family?

That’s the crux of a new paper out Monday, The Life-Cycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program, co-authored by Nobel laureate James Heckman, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago and the director of the Center for the Economics of Human Development. Read more at…

The facts and figures in the above post clearly show that preschool education is one investment you cannot ignore. It will result in great returns for you and your children too.

Another factor that makes preschool education so invaluable is the parental and teacher input it invites in the early years of your child’s life. The following post examines this concept further:

New evidence shows how important preschool really is

Although enrolling your child into preschool can seem daunting (where did your baby go?) research shows that 90 per cent of a child’s brain development happens in the first five years of their life, making it an ideal opportunity for early education.

A new campaign from the NSW Department of Education hopes to make families more aware of the benefits of preschool.

Leslie Williams, the NSW Minister for Early Childhood Education, says that the goal of the campaign is to give parents the facts, so they can make better and more informed decisions about their child’s educational needs.

“A child needs a great parent, and a great teacher….”

At this point, you may agree that childhood education is important but feel that your child can wait for kindergarten and receive the same benefits as attending preschool. The following post provides a contrary view and expounds on why the pre-K years are so crucial:

Development; Nurturing During Preschool Age More Important Than Later On

A child’s brain is designed to absorb information at a fast pace: During the first few years of life, they create 700 to 1,000 new neural connections every second, making their early years integral to how their brain functions for the rest of their childhood and adolescent development. Knowing this, a team of researchers from Washington University School of Medicine studied parental impact at each stage of development, and discovered the earlier parents invest in their child’s brain structure growth, the better.

As you see, you really do not want to miss out on your child’s formative years.

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